2024 Halloween Leaves

Halloween Leaves was released in February of 2024 and features singles ‘Kids,’ ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘Monsters in the Kitchen.’ Video for ‘Kids’ was done by the German AI art group The Thor Brothers. 

2018 Rancho Seco Victory

Recording for Rancho Seco Victory began in earnest in late summer of 2017 at the band’s Navigator Studios in Alexandria, Va. While the album did take a couple new stabs at songs that had been floating around in the back catalogue for quite some time, many of the tunes were written as part of the recording process.  The songs ‘45’ and ‘This machine kills fascists’ were actually written on the same day, and recorded onto an Iphone to write lyrics to. ‘Mono, Stereo’ is the first of the band’s songs to be written on piano, as ‘Boreal’ was the first of the band’s songs to be written on a synth. 

Much of the guitars were recorded on Bruns’ earnest Mesa Nomad, though we did buy a new Vox AC15 during the recording process which came in handy for the distortion leads of during ‘God’s favorite redneck bar.’  Guitars used also included Rickenbacker, Fender Tornado, detuned custom Stratocaster, and a pawn shop Ibanez Roadstar II which became the main guitar for ‘This Machine …’ 

Mixing, mastering all completed in Navigator studios in the spring of 2018.

2017 Back From the West