Champ de Mars newest album Halloween Leaves was released in February of 2024.  It is available on most streaming platforms.  The video for the first single ‘Kids’ is a available on YouTube. 



Indie Rock Band Champ de Mars unveils third album, “Halloween Leaves” 

Alexandria, Va - February 2024 – Champ de Mars, an indie rock band based in Alexandria, Virginia has released an ambitious, dark, and compelling third album titled Halloween Leaves.  The band’s previous two releases, 2016’s Back From the West EP and 2019’s Rancho Seco Victory garnered positive critical reviews for weaving alternative guitar tunings with intelligent lyric writing to form an unique musical voice which pulled influences from REM, Wilco, Radiohead, Built to Spill, and Sonic Youth.

In his latest release, Champs’ songwriter David Bruns experiments with new layers of piano, full choirs, and hints of hip-hop rhythms to form dark sonic tapestries combined with compelling, introspective lyricism. The album primarily focuses on the story of a couple’s existence in different rooms of a house in suburbia during the pandemic. There’s allusions to wedding dresses in closets and desires to ‘have a baby,’ but also to relationship dysfunction, substance abuse, and reconciliation. The album’s centerpiece may be ‘Leaves in Winter’ which courageously confronts the societal taboo topic of miscarriage and the grief that couples often experience from it. 

Halloween Leaves is slated for official release February 15th, 2024 and will be available on all major streaming platforms. The first single “Kids” features a video in partnership with German Artificial Intelligence art group The Thor Brothers, and is already on YouTube on the band’s YT channel.  

Bruns began his musical career in Davis, California and fronted two main bands there, The Said and Bellstar. Both groups released two albums and performed heavily in the local music scene. Among some musician circles he rather notoriously ‘went homeless’ for half a year in 1996 to help save money to pay for the production of his first album, living for a time on the roof of a supermarket in Davis. He currently works at the Washington Post newspaper and is the author of a novel, The Silent Year. 

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Superb songwriting, memorable and structurally impactful ”

Rebecca Cullen, Stereo

...songwriting for intelligent music fans who still embrace guitar fueled music”

— No Depression