May 13:


Today – finishing some backing vocals for both This Machine Kills Fascists and to the song tentatively called Woman.   Backing vocals always seem like they should take 5 minutes, but to do them well always become a total pain in the ass.  How did bands from The Beach Boys to Alice in Chains get their harmonies to be so damn cool.  I don’t want to cheat, I don’t want to use the computer to figure things out – I just want to hear it, but sometimes you don’t, and sometimes things sit there for weeks with a crappy backing vocal on it, and you know it sucks, and maybe there will be the day that the part comes to you while you’re driving or in the yard, and you got to record a version of it RIGHT THEN, or you’re going to forget the damn thing.


Really happy to get rights to use incredible picture by Christopher Henshaw for the album cover.  Title right now: Rancho Seco Victories.   More that to come.

Champ seco cover

February 10

Hi! Some decent radio pickup around the country this week!  Hoping this trend continues. 

Mixing for the new record continues here at Navigator studios.  About seven songs mostly wrapped up and in the mixing phase.  About four to five more with tracking still to be done.  It's slow going to be sure, but things are sounding pretty awesome.  Hope in the very near future to start uploading at least some near demos of these to soundcloud and posting here.  Stay tuned.


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Sept. 9, 2017:

Started basic work on a new full length album.  Had three full days in the studio last week for vocals. An old Fathom One song 'Memoriam for the Wall' in the mix. Other tentative titles: 'Forlorn worksong of the jaded cowboy,' 'Brothers,' 'Mono, stereo.'  

Check back for demos soon. 




New Reviews

Back from the West was released last winter, during a blizzard.  

'Ameican Static' video

'The Silent Year' novel hits Amazon

First novel on Amazon.  In a rural California town, a small boy has mysteriously stopped speaking. Over time people realize quiet little Paul Price is the perfect person to confess their affairs, crimes and lies to, leading the boy to slowly unravel the startling truth about a popular teenager’s drowning. 


A cover song

Our first EP is out now electronically.  Actual CD copies can be ordered for $3.  (button below)

Our first EP is out now electronically. Actual CD copies can be ordered for $3. (button below)

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