...songwriting for intelligent music fans who still embrace guitar fueled music.”

— No Depression

...one of 2018’s best songwriting efforts ...”

— GasHouseRadio.com

One of the best alternative rock efforts with a singer/songwriter slant in recent memory.”

— Scopemag.com

Sept. 4

Here's a bit of our last setlist run through in the studio. 


April 30th

How's staying at home treating you?  It's unfortunately meant no real band rehearsals for many, many weeks. Hopefully soon.  The time down has given a chance to give a fresh paint job to the studio. Rehearsal room as well, however…

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February 2nd

Rehearsals have begun, live shows hopefully coming up.  Been going through a setlist of songs like Fascists, Foreign Journalist, 45, Diva, Call Me, Burkettsville Witches, Western Evaporate and even very old alt.wicca. Cary Tims on drums, Dan Ryan on…

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April 9th

Working from home, and writing and playing from home.  After getting ever so close to potentially booking some of our first shows in a while, we're on a bit of a hiatus. Plenty of time at home with the kids…

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