Our new CD, Halloween Leaves has landed and we have a new video for ‘Kids’ done by a German AI art group called the Thor Brothers. The album is available for free on most streaming platforms including spotify. We’ll likely do a few more videos since that’s how a lot of people listen to music these days and I like the idea of marrying visuals with a song - even if it’s just background images. 

I am pressing a limited amount of physical CDs and those will have full artwork etc. Some will be promo, some will be ‘for sale.’ Please ping if interested. I learned recently that many people don’t have CD players any more (!) and pressing Vinyl is too damn expensive (at least for me).

Unlike other things I’ve done in the past, this disc tells one story of one suburban couple in one suburban home during the pandemic. Leaves are a metaphor for their attempt at a family tree at a time when the world seemed to be falling into an abyss. It’s admittedly a touch dark, but ends optimistic and perhaps one of the better things I’ve ever done and I certainly spent a shit-ton of time on it.  It also ends with two songs in 5/4 time! 

Just starting the process of reviews, and college radio pitches.  We’ll do a couple more videos perhaps so stay tuned. 

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Halloween Leaves is available now on all streaming platforms.

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