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Everyone has secrets, and most everyone yearns for someone to tell those secrets to. In a small, rural California town, that someone is a small boy who has abruptly stopped speaking for unknown and mysterious reasons. No one except his mother really knows why, but that’s a secret as well.

Over time people in town realize quiet little Paul Price is the perfect person to confess their affairs, crimes and lies to, leading the boy to slowly unravel the truth about a popular teenager’s drowning. But it’s the devastating secret between his mother and father that eventually forces Paul to embark on a crusade of family reconciliation.

It’s 1977. Vietnam veterans struggle as plumbers and repairmen to make ends meet in the rugged mountains. Episodes of M.A.S.H. flicker through television rabbit ears. Radio DJs rumor of Beatles reunions. Newspaper headlines are transfixed on Patti Hearst and Jimmy Carter. And kids like Paul Price can’t wait for a new film called Star Wars to hit theaters.

For two decades David Bruns has worked as a journalist, writing stories for newspapers and television for the Associated Press, The Washington Post and other agencies, and has long been an indie rock musician with numerous records.